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This unique prayer guide

will help catalyse Holy Spirit-led times of prayer and intercession through these helpful tools that you will find inside.


from Scripture, worship & questions


to the nation and her 81 provinces


from Turkish brothers and sisters

Inside this prayer guide

Did you know the modern nation of Turkey is home to countless sites of biblical and Christian history? Paul preached in this land where the early church shined brightly through great opposition. Today the Church in Turkey is very small in number but continues to grow and mature. 

She is calling for partners around the world to join with her as she seeks to be a blessing to the people of Turkey. Will you stand with her in prayer? 

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Small groups

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church body

inviting the body to pray for Turkey


International Turkey Network

The International Turkey Network (ITN) is an advocacy and partnering network for advancing the Kingdom of God and preparing for the spiritual awakening of Turkey. ITN has been engaged in Turkey for almost 30 years and serves the Church in Turkey by: 

  • Equipping members of the global church to connect and partner effectively; 
  • Walking with Christian leaders; 
  • Supporting prayer movements; and  
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships. 
in their words

What the Church in Turkey is saying

Discover the joy of partnering in prayer with God and his Church in Turkey. Hear the hearts of Turkish church leaders and Christ-followers.

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International Turkey Network

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